Childbirth, recovery from childbirth

Preparation for the Birth

We can help you experience a happy, symptom-free pregnancy.

In Europe, women go to the gynecologist regularly before birth and may even visit a course for birth preparation. In China, much more attention is paid to the ‘mother to be’ – she is cared for ‘around the clock’. Regular visits to a TCM practitioner ensures the welfare of the mother. Nausea, fluid retention, back pain, nervousness, anxiety, etc. are treated with acupuncture. As the birth date advances, the acupuncture treatments are modified in order to prepare the body and milk production for the birth. Your TCM practitioner should have regular access to your gynecologist’s reports. The collaboration between gynecologists and TCM practitioners has proven to achieve symptom-free pregnancies.

Recovery from Childbirth

TCM treatments after birth can help the body to regenerate and recover. Whether exhaustion, breastfeeding problems, superficial sleep with sweats outbreaks or scar treatment, TCM is beneficial.

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