The first treatment is dedicated to a detailed, individual TCM diagnosis, to which our Therapists is willing to assign as much time as is required by each individual.

The therapist observes the patient from a holistic point of view, to find the deepseated cause of the disturbance. With his knowledge, his experience and his perception, the Chinese Medicine Therapist can detect disease based on changes in the body.

Two important pillars of Chinese Medicine diagnosis are the pulse and color, shape and coating of the tongue.

During the pulse diagnosis, the therapist palpates three different positions on each wrist. The strength, depth and quality of the pulse give information about the health of a patient. Pulse diagnosis is of great importance in situations where a patient is not able to communicate his condition directly.

Tongue diagnosis is just as important as the pulse diagnosis. Changes in the tongue color, shape and surface can be evidence of changes in the body. Tongue size, firmness and the sublingual veins are used in the evaluation.

In addition to the above, Chinese Medicine therapists also takes into consideration specific sounds, smells, body shapes and postures, body movement and the color and condition of the face, body, skin and mucous membranes.

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