Joint and muscle pain

Hip pain, neck pain, back pain, sports injuries

Hip Pain

Although many people may complain of hip pain, the cause of the hip pain may be due to different reasons. The causes of hip pain are manifold. Cold, heat, structural problems (feet, knees, spine, etc.), just to name a few. The pulse-tongue diagnosis can give us a hint as to where the problem lies.


Neck Pain

Eliminate neck pain with the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

After a long day at the office, continuously sitting in front of the computer, it is normal that many people present with painful, stiff necks. The pain can even radiate down to the shoulders or even to the arms. Mostly we think of muscle tension. The TCM therapist relates this to the blockage of meridians, which may be influenced by cold, wet winds. Using Tui-Na Massage, Cupping and Acupuncture, the meridians can be unblocked.


Back Pain

Nerve – the classical Latin term nerve corresponds exactly to the Chinese Medicine term ‘Jin’, the main innervater of the musculoskeletal system (the muscles and tendons). Yin and Yang in the body should be balanced. If Yang-Qi dominates, then Yin-Qi will diminish and vice versa. Qi will become blocked and pain and other symptoms will ensue.

A detailed investigation will clarify what exactly or respectively where the causes lie. Taking this into consideration, an individual, customized treatment plan can be proposed.


Sports Injuries

Take advantage of the Traditional Chinese medicine for the healing of sports injuries.

Sports injuries mainly present with pain and functional limitations as a result of trauma. The corresponding TCM method is chosen depending on the injury – mostly these are acupuncture, moxa and Tui-Na. Which meridians will be treated is dependent on the location of the symptoms, as well as on the basis of the five elements.


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