Migräne, Migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, arthritis


The cause of migraines is unclear. A hereditary predisposition is thought to play a role. It is also assumed that the cause of migraines could be organic. Migraine attacks are often triggered by certain foods, alcohol or medication, hypoglycemia, psychological factors, physical factors (noise, flickering light, etc.) or by menstruation. The main symptom of migraines is headaches accompanied by vegetative symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Migraine headaches are often located on the sides of the head and are often one-sided.
According to Chinese medicine, the gallbladder meridian runs along the side of the head. Headaches are thus associated with the gallbladder meridian. Headaches are mostly the cause of a disharmony of the gallbladder, which simultaneously affects other organs such as the stomach and spleen. TCM tries to eliminate the inner disharmony by regulating the gallbladder. It is however also important to determine and avoid the trigger of the migraines.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia is a painful disorder of the trigeminal nerve (animates the whole face). People affected are mostly over 50 years of age or have pre-existing neurological disorders. The cause of trigeminal neuralgia according to conventional medicine is unclear. It is often the upper or lower jaw that is affected. Symptoms normally occur spontaneously, with wrenching pain, triggered by certain movements such as chewing or talking, but also by light palpation of certain parts of the face.
From the perspective of Chinese medicine, pain is always caused by a blockage of Qi or blood in the respective organ or meridian system. TCM diagnosis emphasizes the location and radiation of the pain, as well as any accompanying symptoms and triggering factors. Treatment is very individual and can help to limit relapse and relieve the associated symptoms.


Osteoarthritis is a painful, degenerative joint disease characterized by degeneration of the articular cartilage and inflammation of the inner layer of the joint capsule, which can lead to a complete stiffening of a joint. In older people, the hip and knee joints are mostly affected. The cause of osteoarthritis is an imbalance between the perceived functional capacity (the load it can bear) of the joint and its’ actual capacity. Typical of Osteoarthritis is the so-called “start-up pain”, when the pain subsides with progressive movement. It is therefore important for the affected joint not to stay in a rest position for too long, but alternatively to be moved frequently.
One of the main causes of Osteoarthritis from the TCM perspective is the stagnation of Xue (blood) due to ‘Cold Bi’ syndrome. The treatment of which, requires warming and moving blood and Qi locally. Losing weight (for those who are overweight) and moving the affected joint frequently support healing.


The inflammation of the inner layer of the joint capsule is usually accompanied by reddening, pain, swelling, limitation of movement and eventually even effusion of the joint. Arthritis can have several causes and is clearly distinguished from osteoarthritis. The pain associated with arthritis is mostly constant and it is recommended to protect the joint.
The cause of arthritis from the Chinese medicine perspective is a so-called ‘Heat-Bi’ syndrome. The heat reflects the inflammation in the joint and results in the stagnation of Qi and blood in the affected area. Cooling agents, as well as the harmonization of Qi and Blood flow can provide relief. As mentioned above, it is important to protect the joint by not stressing it unnecessarily.

Musculoskeletal Pain (Neck, Shoulder, Elbow, Lower Back, Hip, Knee and Foot)

Pain is always subjective and can have many causes. It is often the result of trauma, swelling or incorrect posture due to physical strain.
According to TCM, pain is always caused by the stagnation of Qi or blood. The treatment strategy is adapted to the individual depending on the location affected, the character of the pain and the triggering factors. The main aim is to harmonize the blood and Qi flow. The addition of heat by means of Moxa treatment may help alleviate the symptoms.

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