Circulation problems

High blood pressure, low blood pressure, palpitations

High blood pressure (Hypertension)

High blood pressure is one of the most common diseases. It has especially aroused much social awareness due to it’s potential complications in the advanced stages. The causes of high blood pressure include poor diet and an unfavorable lifestyle (lack of exercise, stress, etc.). Certain diseases may also cause blood pressure to increase. The long-term consequences of high blood pressure include damage to blood vessels, the heart, the brain, the eyes and the kidneys.

Traditional Chinese Medicine compiles the symptoms of high blood pressure into a complex of patterns used in the diagnosis of the condition. The most commonly identified patterns in hypertension (but not the only patterns) are the so called ’’Rising of Liver Yang’’ and ’’Liver-Fire’’. The causes of Liver-Yang rising are Yin and Blood deficiency of the liver and / or the kidneys. Herbal therapy helps to harmonize the liver, acupuncture can simultaneously lower the blood pressure dramatically.

Low blood pressure (Hypotension)

Conventional medicine does not treat the symptoms of low blood pressure unless the decreased blood flow in the organs causes severe problems. Generally speaking, lower blood pressure is relatively harmless. The main disturbance is often the sudden drop in blood pressure when changing from a lying to a standing position, which can cause a person to black out suddenly and possibly injure themselves.

From a Chinese medicine perspective, hypotension is a so-called deficiency pattern. The two key organs in the disease mechanism are the spleen and the kidneys. If the spleen is weak and empty, it is unable to transport ‘clear yang’ upwards. As a result, too little Qi and Blood is produced. The kidney is the root of the spleen. Thus, a weak spleen will eventually also exhaust the kidneys. Herbal therapy and acupuncture helps support the spleen, stimulating the production and flow of Qi and Blood.



Palpitations are defined as the conscious recognition of an uncomfortable feeling of the heartbeat. Palpitations are not necessarily a sign of disease. However if occurring in response to physical or mental stress, they may well indicate a heart defect. It is advisable to have a physical checkup with a specialist in order to clarify.

Similar to conventional medicine, Chinese medicine assigns palpitations to the symptom patterns of the heart. It is a so-called cardinal symptom of the heart. The causes are diverse and very individual. The treatment in Chinese medicine always focuses on the regulation of the heart. As long as the Qi and Blood of the heart flow smoothly, the heartbeat will be well regulated and palpitations will seize.

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