Sexual problems

Erectile dysfunction, lack of libido

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is defined as a lack of or inadequate (insufficient in order to engage in sexual intercourse) stiffening of the penis during sexual arousal. Approximately 40-50% of erectile dysfunction cases are a result of psychological stress. Lack of self-esteem, job-related stress or conflict with ones partner are common causes. The other 50-60% of cases are due to physical influences including medication, vascular disease, hormonal or neurological disorders.

From the TCM perspective, the causes of erectile dysfunction are diverse. Kidney Qi deficiency or liver Qi stagnation are often the cause of the dysfunction. A liver Qi stagnation can be caused by too much stress, hindering proper relaxation. The treatment strategy depends on the Diagnosis.

Lack of Libido

When there is low libido, there is little desire for sexual activity. The cause is often psychosexual.

TCM postulates that lack of libido is usually the result of a kidney Qi or Yang deficiency. Kidney Qi and kidney Yang are the driving force of the human body, influencing sexuality. Herbal therapy and acupuncture can strengthen the kidneys and regulate the libido.

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