Metabolic disorders

Obesity, diabetes mellitus


Too much, too fatty, too sweet. These are the main causes of obesity. In addition, time restrictions have impacted our lives, increasing the number of ’ready made’ meals we consume and causing us to eat at irregular hours.
In Chinese medicine, the spleen and the stomach are the organs directly responsible for digestion. They represent our ‘middle’ and play an important role. The quality of our blood and our energy depends on our nutrition. As the renowned saying goes: “You are what you eat!”

Bad eating habits weaken the spleen and the stomach. Spleen Qi is then no longer able to process food properly. The unprocessed foods are converted into dampness, which is stored by the body. The accumulation of dampness in the body is viewed by Chinese medicine as the main reason for obesity. Plan regular meal times, take time eating, try to eat only fresh foods and make sure that meals are served warm. These small tips can make a big difference.

Weight loss purely as a result of acupuncture or herbal therapy is an illusion. An effective weight loss plan must include a change in diet and regular exercise. Chinese medicine can help to strengthen your middle and channel the dampness out of your body. Treatment will help you to access new energy and strength to promote exercise and sport. Actively engaging these principles will assist you in gaining results quickly. We are happy to advise and support you during this process.

Diabetes Mellitus

Unterschieden werden der angeborene Diabetes Typ 1 und der Altersdiabetes Typ 2.

Diabetes Mellitus (literally translated as “sweet-honey flow”) is a chronic metabolic disorder. The body is no longer able to break down sugar properly, which results in hyperglycemia (too much sugar in the blood). Diabetes is categorized into two groups: Diabetes Type 1 (congenital) and Diabetes Type 2 (developed later on in life).

After eating, the body reacts by secreting insulin (the hormone responsible for lowering the glucose level in the blood). Type 1 diabetics are unable to produce insulin and must therefore inject it. Type 2 diabetics on the other hand, are able to produce insulin, however their cells have become insulin resistant as a result of the numerous years of incorrect nutrition.

High levels of sugar in the blood damage the vessel walls and also cause smaller vessels to become blocked over time. This damage can cause a variety of problems such as diabetic foot, visual disturbances, sensory disturbances, infection susceptibility, etc..

Chinese medicine can support diabetics by treating the whole range of symptoms from which they suffer. In addition to treating the symptoms, it is also important to prevent further complications, as well as to strengthen the metabolism and the immune system.

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