Prevention of disease

Prevention for children and adults, prevention in old age

Prevention for Children and Adults

Many young people and adults are nowadays under intense performance and time pressure. The psychological stress is always increasing and the time available to us is constantly running out. Proper meals have been replaced by ‘ready- made’ meals. We eat something small during work hours or in a 5 minute break. These and many other factors stress the body and the psyche. If the body is subjected to such stress over several years, its internal balance will be compromised.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it is mainly the liver and the spleen which become burdened.

The spleen reflects our middle and plays an important role in digestion, keeping our metabolism functioning. If the spleen Qi is weakened through improper eating habits, our digestion and metabolism will be adversely affected.

The liver meridian flows over the chest, genital area and the uterus. If the liver Qi and liver blood is impeded by emotions, the following symptoms may result:

– chest pain
– menstrual disorders (pain, absence, clots, etc.)
– pronounced irritability
– restlessness
– sleep disturbances

If these symptoms are ignored or suppressed by pure symptomatic treatments, the inner emotional stress will only accumulate. The liver meridian is like a ‘pressure-cooker’, the longer it is ‘blocked’, the more intense the pressure and the worse the symptoms. A negative consequence thereof could be a breast cyst, with a cancer generating potential.

Chinese medicine administers acupuncture and herbal therapy to strengthen the spleen and liver, and by so doing preserves the free flow of Qi and blood.

Prevention in Old Age

Modern medicine and the higher quality of life have increased our life expectancy tremendously. People are getting older and older and want to stay healthy and active for as long as possible.
In order to achieve this goal, a certain amount responsibility for one’s own body and health is required. The body can be compared to a car: the more miles a car has, the more often there are complications. However, if the car is cared for and brought regularly for services, many complications can be prevented. The same theory applies to the human body.

Chinese medicine was originally a purely preventive medicine. It was the therapist’s task to recognize through certain patterns and attributes, whether a risk for a disease was present or not and to treat preventively.

Each treatment is customized to the needs and concerns of the patient and can help them to feel fit and maintain health with increasing age.

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