Mrs. Ma Hua

Mrs. Ma Hua
TCM specialist

EMR – Member

Since June 2021: TCM therapist at Gong TCM, Switzerland
2015 – 2021: TCM specialist in Switzerland
1995 – 2001: TCM specialist at Chimedi Acupuncture Clinic, Helsinki Finland
1992 – 1999: Research associate at Wihuri Research Institute, Finland
1982 – 1989: TCM doctor in China
1992 – 1999: Doctorate, PhD studies at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, in the field of biomedicine
1990 – 1992: Extraordinary studies at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Tampere, Finland
1978 – 1982: TCM studies with Bachelor degree at Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China

Various pain symptoms
Musculoskeletal disorders
Neurological disorders
Digestive disorders
Allergies and skin problems
Menopausal symptoms
Gynecological disorders and desire to have children

Chinese, English, Finnish

H.Ma, and P.T.Kovanen: IgE-dependent generation of foam cells: an immune mechanism involving degranulation of sensitized mast cells with resultant uptake of LDL by macrophages
Arterioscler Thromb. Vasc. Biol., 1995;15:811-819.
Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology. 1995; 15: 811-819
H.Ma, and P.T.Kovanen: Degranulation of cutaneous mast cells induces transendothelial transport and local accumulation of plasma LDL in rat skin in vivo.
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H.Ma, and P.T.Kovanen: Inhibition of mast cell-dependent conversion of cultured microphages into foam cells with antiallergic drugs.
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Hua Ma, Bertalan Galambosi & Kirsi Jokela: Suomen Luonnonkasvit kiinalaisen lääketieteen valaossa (Finding of Chinese Medicine Hurbs in Finnish nature)
Kiinalaisten Rohdoskasvien Viljely- ja Käyttömahdollisuudet Suomessa, Aug. 2002; 25-29

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