In order to graduate as a Naturopathic practitioner, it is necessary to complete a practical internship module. In this internship, students are accompanied and instructed on how the knowledge acquired in the theory modules is put into practice.

This stage prepares students for the work environment. Students are confronted with daily tasks and difficulties, which they learn to evaluate and mitigate independently. The aim is that the students gradually develop confidence and routine in safely and efficiently treating real patients. Not only is this an opportunity to get a feel for the working environment, but it is also a chance to practice the theory and develop competency in what was learned at school. Besides training practical applications, reflection; self-observation and critical thinking are trained, important skills for all practioners to acquire.

During this phase, students are encouraged to work independently, however their progress is tracked closely by their internship supervisor to ensure that they are never overwehlmed and learning effectively. Discussion and assistance by experienced supervisors is an optimal way to help students learn and develop.

The internship module consists of 600 hours of practice and reflection with specific targets set to help the student solidify and deepen their already gained knowledge. These 600 hours are divided into three parts as follows:

Part Prerequisite course from GONG TCM or another school:
A: an Introduction to Practice Management Foundations of TCM
B: Obseravtion of Therapy Students must have started a course in Acupuncture and Tuina or Chinese Medicine Phytotherapy
C: Treatment by the Student Students must have completed a course in Acupuncture and Tuina or Chinese Medicine Phytotherapy

As GONG TCM is not only a provider of education, but also has it’s own outpatient clinics, we are able to easily coordinate all stages of the Internship internally. The student supervisor at the school and the practice therapist overseeing the student are always in contact with eachother and can track the student’s progress together. This is an advantage over other schools, where the school and third party clinics often have no contact with each other and the student is responsible for making contact with the clinic. From an administrative and cost perspective, there are also benefits to be gained. Furthermore, our offer is flexible:

  1. We offer Parts A & B with instruction in our own outpatient clinics based in various locations throughout Switzerland.
  2. On request of the student, we can organize a 1 month internship program with our partner Henan University in China. For participants without qualification, we also organize two week excursions to China with introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese culrure.
  3. We can also only offer the practical instruction required under parts A and/or B and/or C, parellel to internship modules offered by other schools.

Upon request, we will glady send you a detailed course layout and prices (Use contact form).