Acupuncture is used to free congestion or blockages in the meridians and harmonize the entire energy flow of the body….

Herbal Therapy

Chinese medicine has developed hundreds of herbal formulas made from plants, mineral and animal substances …


Ear acupuncture is one of the important treatments methods falling under Auriculotherapy, a field which deals with …


Moxibustion is the process of burning dried mugwort leaves, also called Moxa wool or Moxa herb. It is used …

Tui-Na Massage

Tui-Na, the traditional Chinese massage (translated as “push and pull”), frees congestion and blockages in the …


Cupping sends targeted impulses to the body, which stimulates the movement of Qi helping to alleviate disease …

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a scraping technique used to help the body release pathogenic factors in acute conditions. It is used in …

Breathing Techniques

Qi Gong is an ancient healing practice with physical movement exercises, breathing exercises, Qi work and …

Five Element Nutrition

In Chinese nutrition the emphasis is not placed so much on the quality of the food (healthy or unhealthy), but rather …

Anti-Stress Therapy

The movements of TaiJi (TaiChi) are more elongated than in Qi-Gong. They also overlap each other forming a sequence …

MeiHua Hammer

The MeiHua hammer can be used when certain symptoms manifest, in order to stimulate and reinforce ….

“Erst in der vollkommenen Harmonie von Yin und Yang kann das Qi entstehen und ungehindert fliessen”

GONG TCM, the Leading Center of Competence in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

GONG TCM practices Traditional Chinese Medicine, employing approximately 40 individuals in 24 practices across Switzerland. Our team of TCM specialists have completed a full TCM university education of 5-6 years in China and have all collected more than 20 years of experience in their field, both in China and as well as in Europe.

We would gladly introduce the world of TCM to you and accompany you on your path to better health. We look forward to your visit!


TCM und Corona-Virus

Qi stärken für die Immunabwehr read more

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