Mrs. Simone Griessmayer

Fr. Simone Griessmayer
TCM Assistant

2019-present: Assistant at Gong-TCM
2014-2019: Research, translations, interpreting and tour guide
2008-2013: Assistant and lecturer in the Department of East Asian Art History, University of Zurich
2006-2008: Research assistant in the Department of East Asian Art History at the University of Heidelberg, lecturer in the Centre for East Asian Studies and the Department of East Asian Art History
2003-2004: Research assistant and project coordinator at the Institute for the History of East Asian Art, Heidelberg

1992-1993: Propaedeutic studies in Sinology at the Ruprecht-Karls University of Heidelberg
1993-1995: Studies at the University of Foreign Languages and at the Shanghai Theatre Academy
1995-2000: Studies of East Asian Art History and Modern Sinology with Master’s degree in Heidelberg
2000-2003: Research Training Group “Image-Body-Medium. An Anthropological Perspective” at the Center for Art and Media History in Karlsruhe

German, English, Chinese

Dr. Phil.nat. Xiaoyang Gong

Mrs. Gong

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